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Being an industry leader, Cablelytics understands that keeping your business network operating at optimal levels is critical for profitability. Therefore, we provide you services that increase your network’s capacity and coverage and accelerate your business transformation. Backed by 20 years of experience, our highly-professional team, along with our networking and solutions are guaranteed to add value to your business and facilitate your growth.

Services to our clients include but are not limited to the following.

Inbuilding DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)
Our inbuilding DAS solutions are perfect for businesses that want to resolve their cellular coverage and capacity issues and improve network availability for voice and data calls. Our team of engineers and technicians have successfully implemented our DAS at numerous locations with diverse architecture and network-related challenges.

Whether you want to install a distributed antenna system (DAS) inside your office building or at a large outdoor facility, Cablelytics can assure you a seamless, effective DAS deployment to support your communications needs.

Staff Augmentation
Whether your IT department is overburdened with IT projects, you are downsizing your workforce due to cost constraints or does not have the in house capabilities to support your deployment, Cablelytics can provide you skilled human resources for the amount of time you need them. We have a team of expert engineers and IT professionals who work with you and fulfill your staffing needs in a cost-effective manner.

Our team can become an extension of your department, handle your day-to-day tasks, and help you achieve your business goals. We can become the helping hand for you in times of urgent need.

Small Cells
Mobile data traffic has grown exponentially over the last decade and operators are facing the immense challenge of slow speeds, poor connectivity, and customer dissatisfaction. Cablelytics offers you small cell solutions that can provide your customers the ultra-broadband experience they desire.

We provide consultation for small cells, including micro, pico, and femto cells that are very energy-efficient and cost-effective. These small cells are perfect for getting maximum coverage and uninterrupted connectivity in wide high-traffic areas such as airports, inner city areas, and public buildings.

WiFi Coverage
Cablelytics helps businesses improve their productivity, employee performance, and customer satisfaction by making them ‘Wifi-enabled’. We design, install, implement, and manage WiFi technology that perfectly fulfills your connectivity needs.

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