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Independent Contractor Wireless/DAS Technician

Location: Florida (Central or South Preferred)

Position Overview
Must be licensed. This is a hands on role for an independent contractor implementing wireless infrastructure for Distributed Antenna Systems, Small Cell networks, WLAN net-works and other technologies. The successful independent contractor will show the capacity to both work independently. This is not job advertisement for employment rather a unique opportunity for an independent contractor with the required skill set looking for projects. We are looking for an individual that has experience with DAS, integration, structured cable installation, WiFI, Microwave, etc. Must have a vehicle, general liability insurance and unique skill set.
As an Independent Contractor:
• You must own a Car, Truck, Van, or SUV!!
• You are acting as a sole proprietor, or independent business owner, and are not an employee of CABLELYTICS.
• Your business will have a legal agreement to perform work for CABLELYTICS including MSA and NDA/Non-compete
• Your compensation is determined on a “piece rate” project basis. This means there is NO set salary, base pay, hourly wage or applicable overtime compensation.
• There are no employee benefits available to you. CABLELYTICS is not responsible for withholding any taxes from your compensation. At all times, your taxes are your responsibility. You must complete an IRS form W-9 so CABLELYTICS can properly issue an IRS form 1099 for your filing of all taxes.
• Must pass criminal background and drug screening, and vehicle driving record assessment
• Must demonstrate throughout initial orientation assessment the successful application of technical skills necessary to complete equipment installation.

Essential Skills of Independent Contractor
• Installation, termination and troubleshooting of coaxial cable
• Installation and troubleshooting of fiber cable
• Installation of CAT5/6 cable and RJ45 termination
• Detailed communication and documentation to team members for project status and testing results
• Proven experience leading large projects and crews
• Quality Control – Maintaining CABLELYTICS’s Quality standards
• Ericsson Integration
• DAS Commissioning
• Fiber and coax cable testing– including OTDR, Cable Sweeps, VSRW, DTF, Return Loss, etc.
• PIM testing experience
• Sweep Testing
• Ensuring CABLELYTICS’s Safety Management policies are rigorously implemented and adhered to.
• Installation and troubleshooting of low voltage electrical systems

Preferred Skills
• Hands on capacity implementing Wireless and other structured cable systems including fiber, coax and CAT5 cabling
• Strong customer support focus
• Fiber and coax installation, testing and troubleshooting experience
• Excellent communication skills – both written and oral, MS Office proficiency
• Basic Electrical knowledge including open/closed circuits, grounding etc.
• Basic Radio knowledge including wireless frequency bands, power measurements and wireless protocols (CDMA, UMTS, LTE, GSM, WLAN, etc.)
• Ability to lift and carry up to 50 lbs.
• Ability to climb ladders, work on scissor lifts and cat walks
• Availability to work beyond normal business hours during critical project phases and deadlines
• Independent contractor must have a clean driving record, be drug free and be able to pass a security background check.
• Anritsu Certification
• Fiber optic training from one of the major fiber optic equipment manufacturers.
• Fusion splicing experience.
• Knowledge of Communication protocols including TCP/IP, Packet Data etc.
• Experience using Wireless data collection software
• Experiencing performing OTDR measurements for fiber cable.
• Experience preparing technical reports with fiber, coax and/or wireless test data.
• Experience with Wireless Carrier installation standards

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