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Shopping today has become more impulse-driven, and in order to stay relevant and profitable, businesses must connect with their customers in a more entertaining and personalized manner. Cablelytics help you connect to your customers in a real-time manner by transforming your conventional WiFi network into Social WiFi. This way, you can use your network as a powerful marketing channel collects valuable insights related to your customers’ preferences and their purchasing patterns, and helps you make smarter business decisions.

Social WiFi & Digital Analytics
With changing business environment, it has become extremely important for retailers to use innovative solutions to know and influence their customers. Our Social WiFi and Digital Analytics service is a safe and effective customer engagement and data analytics solution. Cablelytics converts your guest WiFi network into social WiFi, which you can use to expand your customer base and create personalized experiences for your customers.

Social WiFi is a tool that equips you with micro-targeting capabilities and helps you capture crucial customer demographic and behavioral data. It ensures that anyone who wants access to your WiFi connection must first connect to your social media page. Once connected, the network collects demographic and engagement information from the user and serves it to you. You can use this information to create marketing lists, track consumer behavior, build marketing campaigns, and share personalized marketing offers with the customer.

Improve Your Customer Recognition Abilities
Today’s competitive corporate landscape demands targeted marketing campaigns that can deliver the relevant information to the customer in a precise yet engaging manner. This may sound simple, but the process demands expertise and advanced techniques. At Cablelytics, we enable you to better recognize your customer and design products that fulfill their unsaid needs with our digital analytics and social WiFi services.
Capture the Information

The customer connects to your social WiFi network using any of their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or LinkedIn. Once they have logged in, they have provided you limited access to their demographic information, which we can use for your advantage.

Analyze the Information
Using our digital analytics services, you can get several types of important information.
– Know how frequently a user visits your store and how long they stay in the store.
– Get information on your total visitors’ traffic. This allows you to predict busy hours and make necessary arrangements.
– Identify the most popular social media platform your customers use to logon to your system.
– Get an access to demographic data, such as age and gender of your users.

Monetize the Information
Once you have captured this useful information, you can use it in numerous ways to design targeted marketing campaigns and improve your sales and revenue. You can divert your marketing efforts to the social media channel that your customers use the most and improve your conversion rate. In addition to this, you may run real-time campaigns via email, SMS, and social media websites to connect with your customers at a more personal level.

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